44conSpeaking at 44con2023

Studying [Research] … is about gaining insight that cannot be anticipated and will be shared within the scientific community under public scrutiny. - Sönke Ahrens

I started sharing my research publicly in 2022, and the experience has been nothing short of amazing. Whether through public talks and training or researching and writing my next blog post, I have found that getting my ideas on paper and into the public has been a path to insight, improvement, and deeper learning.

Through research and small experiments I learn. Iterating this process naturally exposes me to several good ideas for practical exercises and critical reverse engineering topics. I have taken some of those ideas and put them into concise training courses. These courses can give you a head start through practical applications of complex security topics.

If you enjoy my research and writing, then you should check out the training courses I have developed at @clearseclabs. These courses are based on my research and experience, and they can help you dig deeper into some of the most fascinating and relevant topics in the field reverse engineering and vulnerability research.

Additonally, I am available on a limited basis for consulting. Reach out if you have a need.